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Brazilian Butt Lift vs. “Just Doing Squats”

One of the most common questions I get asked in my plastic surgery practice in Tampa, and the most common comment I see on Instagram/Facebook, is “Can’t I get the same results as a Brazilian butt lift just by doing squats?” Because there is so much confusion over this topic, I’ve decided to clear the air once and for all!

But first, a little anatomy lesson… The shape of the butt, and for that matter, the entire body, is determined by three different factors: 1) the bony structure, 2) the length/location and bulk of muscle, and most of all 3) the distribution and volume of fat. A person’s bony structure cannot be changed and is determined by genetics alone. The length and location of muscles cannot be changed; however, muscle bulk can be increased with exercise and/or weight lifting. Fat cells can increase or decrease in size (i.e. volume) depending on a person’s weight, diet, and exercise, but the number and distribution (or rather density) of fat cells does not change after approximately two years of age and is determined by genetics and family history. This explains why some people, for example, seem to carry all their extra weight in their abdomen or thighs- because of their genetics and family history they have a higher density of fat cells, and thus a higher volume of fat, in their abdomen or thighs. Thus, these areas are the first where they gain weight and the last areas from which they lose weight.

Doing squats does not alter the bony structure of the buttocks, nor does it “spot reduce” or increase the volume of fat in the gluteal region. Doing squats DOES increase the muscle bulk of the gluteus maximus, quadriceps, and hamstrings (and to a small degree, some muscles of the back, abdomen, calves, adductors, and the gluteus medius/minimus), but has no effect on the length/location of those muscles. However, as we have now seen, the muscles engaged by doing squats are not the sole, or main, contributor to gluteal shape and volume. The volume and distribution of a person’s fat is the main factor affecting the size, position, and contours of the buttocks, abdomen, and back.

A Brazilian butt lift does not alter the bony structure of the buttocks, nor does it affect the length, location, or size of the muscles targeted by doing squats. However, during a Brazilian butt lift, fat is removed via liposuction from areas of high fat cell density/volume (usually the abdomen, flanks, iliac rolls, and back), and transferred to areas of lower fat cell density/volume (in this case, the lateral hips, buttocks, and sometimes upper thighs). Thus, a Brazilian butt lift is able to sculpt a beautiful, curvy shape for those patients where diet and exercise alone cannot.

It may be surprising to some, but those patients interested in a Brazilian butt lift often do more squats, lunges, and “glute” exercises than anyone else. However, because of genetics and family history, these patients’ bodies typically have shorter gluteus maximus muscles and an unfavorable distribution and density of fat, usually in the abdomen, lower back, and “love handles,” that obscures and distorts the true gluteal shape despite rigorous diet and exercise.

The next logical question, then, is why do some men and women who follow a strict diet and exercise regime, and do a lot of squats, have a perfect butt? That’s because through careful diet and exercise, they are able to capitalize on and augment their favorable anatomy. Because of their genetics and family history, these people often have well-placed gluteal muscles and a lower density of fat cells (which then determines volume of fat) in the abdomen, lower back, and flank areas. Thus, their gluteal shape can be seen and admired more readily!!

So, the short answer then is…for some unlucky people, due to their genetics and family history, doing squats and having a strict diet and exercise program will not provide the same results as a Brazilian butt lift. For those patients with a more favorable anatomy and family history, it can! To see if you are a candidate for a Brazilian butt lift, or any other cosmetic surgery procedure you might be curious about, book a one-on-one consultation with Board Certified Plastic Surgeon Traci Temmen, MD: 813-877-2277

Building a Better Behind in Three Curvy Solutions

For years now, celebrities and fitness junkies have been working on making their bodies toned and shaped as ever, these days the biggest asset women want to is an impressive derriere. Whether it is flaunting a curvy butt at the beach or wearing sexy outfits that show a naturally flattering backside, women want to have a lifted and perfectly shaped butt. There are a number of simple solutions women can rely on to get rid of their saggy and flabby behind.

Healthy Diet

As every fitness expert shares with their clients, “A better body starts in the kitchen, not at the gym.” In a way they are right, if you are trying to bulk up pack on an extra meal or two a day. If you want to lose the flab, limit food choices and eliminate processed meals. A proper diet can help build your butt to a better shape. Though dieting does not work overnight, it is the first place to start when you are aiming for well-shaped backside. To start with, follow these simple diet rules:


  • Eliminate fast food

  • Increase water consumption and avoid sweetened drinks

  • Consume healthy carbs (starchy vegetables, whole-grain bread, lean protein)


Physical training is required in order to shape up or slim down, and exercise is just as important as a healthy diet. Why not engage in physically active lifestyle? According to WebMD, physical activity maximizes fat loss as well as prevents and improves health conditions such as heart disease, stroke and obesity. Putting exercise and a healthy diet together can naturally build a toned physique, as well as a better backside.


While most women are against weight training programs, many have successfully achieved a fabulous curvy butt in a few months. With about four training sessions a week and 45 minutes in each session you can resort to these exercises:


  • Barbell Squats

  • Lunges

  • Squat jumps

  • Leg Curls

Brazilian Butt Lift

Sometimes women experience problems with dieting and exercise, fortunately Tampa plastic surgeon, Dr. Traci Temmen is experienced in helping women achieve their goals. She understands that having a lifted and firmer butt comes with hard work and maintenance, but very rarely women’s bodies respond to healthy diet and physical fitness. Even when women find it hard to eliminate those last few pounds from holiday dinners and parties, Dr. Taci Temmen has the solution, the Brazilian butt lift. This procedure is designed to eliminate fat from problem areas on the body and transfer it to the buttocks, it is that simple.


Generally this type of procedure does wonders for women who are within 15 pounds of their target weight, so if a naturally shaped butt and slimmer waistline is what they are after, Brazilian butt lift can achieve it.


Following these three solutions can be just what you need to build the right curves for your physique. If diet and exercise are ineffective and you are near your desired weight, then Dr. Temmen can help you shape your behind with a Brazilian butt lift at the Plastic Surgery Center of Tampa.

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